T.D.Williamson - Z or U Seal and Concentric Support Insulator

U-SEAL™ and Z-SEAL™ Casing Seals

The U-SEAL™ Casing Seal allows maximum flexibility for carrier pipe movement and concentric installations. The Z-SEAL™ Casing Seal is a thick, heavy-duty casing seal for installations where an extra rugged seal is desired.

Insulators & Casing Cradles

Standard Centering Cradles are used to center the pipe in the end of the casing, making it easy to install TDW Z-SEAL™ Casing Seal. The cradles also carry the weight of backfill dirt and insulate the pipe from the casing. They are recommended for use with TDW Concentric Support Insulators. Nonconcentric 3-Way Cradles restrain pipe in all directions. They are used with U SEAL™ Casing Seals.


The M-2 Plastic THINSULATOR® pipe insulator is a high-density, polyethylene product, injection molded to provide low cost insulators of highest quality. This high-density polyethylene gives the M-2 such strength that it is made more compact than other insulators.