CEBA Combustion S.R.L. - Oil and Gas

Process Burners

SAMIA COMBUSTION is constantly researching & developing cutting edge solution for Oil & Gas burners to reach best performances and lowest emission in force of the world’s best technology and in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Fuel skid and burner management system

Fuel gas skid: it is a modular unit complete with piping, supports, tubing, valve assemblies, filters, instrumentation, wiring on board and junction boxes. Engineering department develops detailed engineering starting from basic information and technical specifications complying with the main international standards.

Indirect fired water bath heaters

Indirect fired heaters are designed for heating a process liquid and gasses indirectly through a process coil submerged into a bath solution heated by a fire tube style burner. The design of its indirect fired heater is in full compliance with API requirements; in this regard CEBA is one of the few Companies all over the world bearing the API12K monogram.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer

The system is used to clean the exhaust air from solvents and other pollutants (ex. CO) through thermal oxidation; it is also possible to recover the exceeding heat coming from the combustion of the pollutants.