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Hot Tap & Stopple Operation

Tapping is the precise process of drilling a hole in an on-stream piping system without spilling its contents or interrupting its flow. onshore and offshore and in nearly every type of pipeline material. Piping systems are designed to move liquids, gases or other products in a continuous flow. Shutting down these essential systems, or even portions of them, can be extremely costly and time consuming. When alterations or repairs are required in live systems.

Hot Tap & Stopple Operation

STOPPLE® Plugging Systems

STOPPLE® Train System

The STOPPLE® Train plugging system utilizes proven TDW STOPPLE technology to provide the safety of inserting two plugging heads through a single fitting. The void between the two plugging heads can be bled down to provide a “zero energy” zone. The sealing element on the secondary plugging head provides double block features at pressures ranging from 0 psi to 1000 psi (current design).