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Yangzhou Chengde



                                 About us:

Yangzhou Chengde Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is a spin off from Jiangsu Chengde Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., which is the second country-class enterprise, provincial science and technology private enterprise with the main production of various 219-720×3-100mm carbon steels and alloy steel seamless steel pipes. The production covers many industries such as Thermal power, Petrochemical & Refinery, boiler, Mechanical, Oil & gas, coal and shipbuilding. The company is the domestic unique technology private enterprise which has the most complete variety of seamless steel pipes.

    July 2006, Jiangsu Chengde Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd., separated the manufacturing business of large-caliber seamless steel pipes and established Yangzhou Chengde Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., which got the business license in October 2006. Yangzhou Chengde Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is a large steel pipe manufacturing enterprise with the registered capital of 160 million yuan and mainly produces various high-end steel pipe products (8”-48” in OD and wall thickness from 9.53mm-140mm) such as Thermal power pipes, Nuclear power pipes, Petrochemical & Refinery pipes,, Mechanical pipes, Oil & gas pipes,  Petrochemical & Refinery pipes and gas cylinder pipes.

    At present, as the manufacturing of high-end large-caliber seamless steel pipes of Yangzhou Chengde Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., has entered the high-speed growing process, the company is considering more splendent prospects and greater developments. Since 2006, the company continued strengthening it’s leading position in the large-caliber seamless steel pipe industry and enlarging the management scale by scientific and technological innovation.