T.D.Williamson - Pigging Products

BiDirectionAll Pig

TDW's BiDirectionAll Pig is designed to be used in pipeline construction during the hydrostatic test phase for air or water displacement applications. This pig is bidirectional, which allows the pig to run in either direction. It is designed to allow the user to fill the line with hydrotest water and then displace the water without having to remove the pig. It can be used as a bidirectional cleaning pig by adding optional brushes.

OptionAll™ Cleaning & Batching Pigs

This series of pigging products offers you options. Standard components can be assembled to make a multitude of configurations in sizes 4- through 14-inch.

PitBoss™ Cleaning Pigs

Designed to remove deposits from pits to allow corrosion inhibitors and biocides to deter corrosion in the pipeline. PitBoss™ pigs are available in sizes 4-inch and larger and in dual-diameter configurations.

Inflatable UNISPHERE™ Pigs

A seamless, liquid-cast, polyurethane sphere used for heavy-duty service in the removal of liquid hydrocarbons and water from pipelines and piping systems. “Spheres” are filled with liquid, usually glycol/water mix or lightweight oil, and are available in sizes 4- through 56-inch.

Foam Pigs

The TDW Foam Pig Line is an economical and effective pig for several applications. Their resilience enables them to negotiate short radius elbows, miter bends, and major diameter reductions. The Foam Pig Line is used for light cleaning, air removal prior to hydrostatic testing, water evacuation and drying. One version is bidirectional, which allows the pig to run in either direction.

X-Pig® Multi-Purpose Utility Tool

Inexpensive, yet durable, 4- through 12-inch cast FORMULA SI®polyurethane, general purpose, disposable pigs. Uses and attributes include: removing water and liquids from pipelines, product separation, brush wrap option for cleaning, gauging plate option, bypass option and hollow core for transmitters or trip magnets.

VANTAGE® V Cleaning & Batching Pigs

Available for 10-inch and larger lines, this pig consists of one basic body and cup or disc design for batching and displacing. Brushes or blades can be added for cleaning. Two, three, or four cup configurations can be added.

BiDirectionAll Pig

These pigs are designed for use in pipeline construction during hydrostatic testing for displacement applications.The pig is bidirectional and designed to allow the user to hydrotest and displace water without having to remove the pig. It can be easily converted to a cleaning pig.